All facials are available with her assistant, trained by Georgia Louise. 

Regular facials are a necessity to maintain healthy looking skin. By professionally removing the dead and damaged skin cells, stimulating blood flow and draining away toxins, the face is left glowing. I like to go further then skin deep by including chi energy healing in my facial treatments and spend time educating my clients on aftercare to ensure they maintain their after glow.

Georgia’s philosophy is to treat each client individually by simplifying and perfecting the client’s skincare regiment in the Atelier and at home. Georgia and her team customizes each facial and homecare regiment to their clients skincare goals. Using pioneering technology, anti-aging techniques, advanced professional products to achieve the 'GLglow'  She is responsible for some of the world’s most beautiful faces including:

Emma Stone, Katy Perry, Nicola Peltz, Jennifer Aniston, Gucci Westman, Alexander Wang, Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington.

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Georgia’s iconic facial that has made her internationally recognized as one of the most respected Facialist of our time.  More then just a facial but a 7 step customized treatment approach to fully target all skincare concerns and conditions for all skin types and all ages.  This highly customized treatment, can achieve anything that your heart desires including; extractions, de-puffing, plumping,  discoloration, acne, scarring, blemishes, rosacea, lines and wrinkles and dehydration. With over 8 non invasive cosmetic machines to select,  and a hand picked range of powerful professional products and brands, this facial can achieve your skincare goals.

The Treatment details:-

The 7 step treatment  include: 1) Deep cleanse, 2) Exfoliation using machines and or peels, 3) Extractions, 4) Oxygen infusion, 5) Vitamin infusion using sound waves and galvanic, 6) Georgia's signature Lift & sculpt massage 7) custom-made electric infused treatment mask with LED light.  The CACI micro-current is optional to extend the facial to 120 minutes.

 Suitable for any time of day, for any occasion with no down time.




The ‘Lift & Sculpt facial’ is the ultimate anti-aging non surgical face lift treatment. Created and perfected by Georgia Louise to focusing on all 3 signs of aging, lines and wrinkles, loss of skin tone and dulling drying skin. The treatment naturally and instantly lifts, softens and reduces fine lines and wrinkles, Improves skin elasticity and stimulates collagen production. It also helps to detoxify and energizes the skin to greatly unify the complexion. Its no wonder that Louise has Supermodels, A lister's and Editors flocking to her for this red carpet secret. This Treatment technique took over 10 years to perfect and is exclusive at the Atelier.

The Treatment Details:-

Starting with a nourishing cleanse and gentle enzyme, a customized blend of  vitamin  actives are gently infused into the skin using sound waves and galvanic currents. This actively enriches the skins natural moisturizing factor and repairs dull, pigmented dehydrated skin. The Lift & Sculpt  Massage uses a customized tonic of hyaluronic acid and amino silk proteins. This meticulous and complex massage technique uses her patented rose quartz butterfly stones and trained hands. The massage uses sculpting movements from the decollate up to the neck and face. It consist of a series of plumping and quick pulsing strokes, pinching and whipping to give  a restructured  and lifted dimension to the  face. The face is then lifted into place with the worlds most powerful micro-current machine and includes a dose of LED lights. All 43 major muscles are tightened and the face looks reawakened and brightened.  A deeply hydrating and firming mask is applied to finish the treatment whilst receiving a heavenly back, neck and shoulder massage.


Georgia is a miracle worker
One facial has it all. I can’t get enough of Georgias facials; I’m hooked!
The best facialist in the world!
I love Georgia’s Facials!