Regular facials are a necessity to maintain healthy looking skin. By professionally removing the dead and damaged skin cells, stimulating blood flow and draining away toxins, the face is left glowing. I like to go further then skin deep by including chi energy healing in my facial treatments and spend time educating my clients on aftercare to ensure they maintain their after glow.

Georgia’s philosophy is to treat each client individually from the inside out by simplifying and perfecting the client’s skincare regimen in the salon and at home. Georgia customizes each facial to what her clients’ skin needs in the moment using pioneering technology, anti-aging techniques, advanced peels and massage. She is responsible for some of the world’s most beautiful faces including Emma Stone and supermodels Linda Evangelista and Shalom Harlow.

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Georgia’s iconic facial that has made her internationally recognised as one of the most respected facialist of our time.  More then just a facial but a 7 step approach to all the skincare concerns that keeps editors, supermodels, celebrities and the Jet -Set coming back for more.  The 7 steps include: 1) Deep cleanse, 2)Exfoliation, 3) Extractions, 4) Oxygen infusion, 5) Vitamin Infusion, 6) Georgia's signature Lift & sculpt massage 7) custom-made electric infused treatment mask with LED light. A fully customised facial with all the bells and whistles and her signature lift & Sculpt  massage is a must have! The massage is a three dimensional technique comprising of lymph, drain and lifting manipulation that feels like a work out for the face!  Suitable for any time of day, for any occasion with no down time and customized exclusively how you like it. Whether you need your lines and wrinkles plumped, spots zapped or a super detox, this treatment can achieve just about anything your heart desires.




Georgia Louise British Facialist has launched her latest facial treat:- ‘lift & Sculpt facial’ which has created a major buzz in New York and London this summer. Designed to naturally and instantly lift cheekbones and brows, de-puff and brighten the face, its no wonder that Louise has supermodels, photographers and editors flocking to her for fashion week this fall. Her technique and touch took 5 years to perfect. Starting with deep tissue massage before her hands whip, lift, cup and pull the muscles and skin so tight & fast, you seriously feel reawakened and 5 years younger! Louise finishes with a blast of mirco-current to ensure her sculpted faces lasts for weeks and even better, her lift and sculpt butterfly tool used in this treatment is launching with SpaceNK for home use.

Georgia is a miracle worker
One facial has it all. I can’t get enough of Georgias facials; I’m hooked!
The best facialist in the world!
I love Georgia’s Facials!